Welcome to The Soul Travel! We are Theresa and Nathan. This is a place where we document our travel adventures for all to enjoy. We share a collective desire to experience intriguing cultures and sink ourselves into rich, new adventures. We want to inspire others to explore our beautiful planet, which can help us to discover so much about ourselves and other people. We hope you enjoy joining us on this wild ride!

Nathan was born in Kenya and raised there until age 10. He then moved to the United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. and became immersed in American culture from there on out. He did, however, continue to travel to visit family members in Kenya, Italy, and other countries throughout the world. He has a unique perspective of having experienced African lifestyle and American lifestyle. With a propensity for communication, foreign interests, and connecting with people from any given country, he’s truly the perfect travel companion!

I (Theresa) was born and raised in the D.C. area myself. I have always had a yearning to explore distant lands and learn about what else was out there. I studied abroad in Lima, Perú in 2010 at the age of 21 and it exploded my eyes open to the world outside my home. It  was a healthy balance of incredibly rewarding, and challenging at times. I became fluent in Spanish and decided that I “officially” loved traveling and would need to do much more of it. Since then, I have lived in San Diego, California and Maui, Hawaii. What I have learned through traveling is that human connection is so inspiring. When I put myself outside my comfort zone and experience something completely different than what I am used to, I am much better able understand and empathize with my fellow human beings. It has also inspired me to strengthen my language skills, writing skills, and overall communication abilities.

Nathan and I are now embarking on a new journey together, which will be a new experience for both of us. Our first stop is Rome, Italy to stay with his aunt who resides there. We also plan to train-hop to different parts of Italy and different countries in Europe as well. We are so excited to share our travels with the world and show how life-changing it can be to take on new ventures. These new experiences may seem daunting, even frightening at times, but they tend to yield the most amazing insights and realizations about oneself, and the world around. Thank you for joining us at The Soul Travel and stay tuned for adventure updates!